Peggy Glenn - Performance Resume       
  "Love at First Kiss" Guest Star   VH1
  "A to Z" Guest Star   NBC TV
  "Bones" Supporting   FOX TV
  "How To Get Away With Murder" Supporting   ABC TV
  "The Middle" Background   ABC TV
  "Criminal Minds" Background   CBS TV
  Ray Donovan Background   SHOWTIME
Television - Pilots      
  "Crazy Cash" Starring   Tammy Wood, Producer
  The Josh Robert Thompson Show Co-Star   The Josh Robert Thompson Show
  Untitled Andy Berman Project Co-Star   Untitled Andy Berman Project/Fox Production
  “To Serve & Protect” Guest   Drama Deluxe, Inc
Web - New Media      
  Lamborghini Grannies Starring   Donut Media, LLC
  Miles + Cal, Recurring Co-Star   Band of Artists Collective, LLC.
  "Rookies" Guest   Blue Falcon Productions
  "Drop Offs" Guest   The Wasp News
  "SUMO" Guest   Know Laughing Matter Productions
  Atticus' Activists Guest   Vestege Media
  "iCOMMIT" Guest   Band of Artists Collective, LLC.
  "Above Ground" Guest   Enfuego Entertainment
  "The Voice" Principal   Enrico Garcetti, Dir.
  "Absence" Principal   Brianna Mayfield, Dir.
  "Where Children Play" Supporting   Turning Point Pictures
  "Without End - A Fractured Fairy Tale" Supporting   NYMA PRODUCTIONS 
  "A Good Feeling" Supporting   Brodie Robertson, Dir.
  "Trinity" Supporting   Next Level Brothers Media, ACCD
  "Vines" Supporting   Chelsi Johnston, Dir
  "Solitary" Supporting   Cedric Gamelin, Dir.
  "Theory of Optimal Control" Supporting   Avi Glick, Dir.
  Doritos Super Bowl Commercial Principal   Next Level Brothers Media
  Sunrocks Commercial Principal   Sunrocks TVC
  Metro Polite PSA Skits Supporting   Conceptive, Inc.
  USC Viterbi Alumni Magazine Editorial   USC Viterbi School of Engineering
  On-Camera Intensive - Ongoing     Karen Armstrong
  On-Camera Commercial Audition     Buddy Powell
  Branding via Your Headshot     Sam Christensen
  Be Everything An Agent Wants And More   Lisa Gold
  Voiceover Overview     Candy Milo
  Voiceover Workout     Lauren Adams
  CPR/First-Aid     American Red Cross

Skills: Bicycling, Improv, Crochet, Knit, 10-finger Typing,

Dance (country partner, ballroom, waltz, cha-cha, two-step, etc.),

Stick Shift, Forklift Operator, Public Speaking, Nursing Experience, CPR/First-Aid

Tweet to my Fair Face

Sizzle Reel

IMDB - I'm There

Wisdom At My Age

Auditions are like buying a new bathing suit or jeans - the first one might fit, or it might take 89 tries, or it might be better to wait a week or so.


Remember - neither you nor the clothing is bad or wrong. Eventually, you find a perfect fit!

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