Creativity in all forms is my life's juice - come along on the ride as I

  • act on camera
  • act with my voice
  • perform spoken word
  • perform improv comedy,
  • sing songs I've helped to write
  • and generally push the limits in my 70s.

Age is just a number. 

Indie films, network TV, blockbuster movies, student films, commercials, PSAs, industrial training films - bring it on!

TOFUCKEN - the biggest thing since sliced bread!

 Making a VW Golf Commercial with the Next Level Brothers



 "Graduation" Performance at Comedy Sportz LA - hilarity to the max



Caught on camera by the talented Dennis Miller - singing a Christmas song I co-wrote with three talented friends, Nancy Escobedo, Severin Browne and Ted LePlat.

Tweet to my Fair Face

Sizzle Reel

IMDB - I'm There

Wisdom At My Age

Auditions are like buying a new bathing suit or jeans - the first one might fit, or it might take 89 tries, or it might be better to wait a week or so.


Remember - neither you nor the clothing is bad or wrong. Eventually, you find a perfect fit!

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